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Denso Joins D-Wave Effort to Leverage Quantum Cloud Service to Work on Problems Related to COVID-19

(Denso) DENSO Corporation is joining a project from D-Wave Systems Inc., the leader in quantum cloud service “Leap2”, to give anyone working on problems related to the COVID-19 free, immediate access to the company’s quantum computer.
DENSO has rich background in quantum computing such as research on efficiency improvement of factory. To utilize the experiments and philosophy of collaboration guided it to join the coalition, and to do what it can to help overcome COVID-19 crisis, DENSO will help others to translate real-world problems into those that can be solved by quantum formulation and support to develop faster solution algorithms.
“Computing technology has long contributed to the development of science and industry. Quantum computing now has the potential to further this development, and we were one of the first to start research in this field in the auto industry. We are honored to join the project, which will leverage this experience, mobilize our global expertise and activate our spirit of collaboration. We believe we can overcome this crisis through the collaboration of humankind.”

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