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Delta Air Lines Joins IBM Q Hub at NC State; Airline Schedules’ Complexity Cited as Good Place to Experiment with Quantum Computing

(DigitalJournal) Delta Air Lines has announced it will be the founding industry partner to join the IBM Q Hub at NC State, as part of a multi-year collaborative effort to explore the capabilities and potential commercial applications of quantum computing.
Raleigh has become a hub for quantum technology, such as with IBM designating North Carolina State’s Centennial Campus as its first university-based Q Hub in North America. The IBM Q Hub, which launched in fall 2018, is one of five worldwide, and NC State is developing new curriculum that will allow students the opportunity to work alongside scientists and engineers to help build.
According to Dan Stancil, IBM Q Hub at NC State Executive Director, the airline schedules are a good place to experiment with quantum computers. This because there are so many variables are involved when flights have to be canceled due to things like weather and mechanical issues, and here the potential power of quantum computing can be fully harnessed. Theoretically, a quantum computer could reroute flights around a delay to minimize its effects on travelers.

NOTE:  IBM’s Dr. Robert Sutor, VP of Quantum Ecosystem Development, will keynote the upcoming IQT Event in NYC. IBM is a Diamond Sponsor of the IQT Event as well.

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