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Deloitte Predicts Quantum Computing One of Largest Tech Revenue Opportunities in Next Decade

By IQT News posted 27 Dec 2018

(VentureBeat) Deloitte’s 18th annual list of predictions forecasts that quantum computing will emerge as one of the largest new technology revenue opportunities over the next decade but are unlikely to replace classical computers. The future quantum computing market is expected to be comparable with that of the supercomputer market — around $50 billion per year by the 2030s.
Deloitte’s 2019 forecast encompasses these technologies and offers an assessment of each in this excellent article:
Smart speakers grow at discounted prices;
5G networks arrive;
AI goes from expert-only to everywhere;
TV sports betting will drive huge viewership;
3D printing breaks through;
Esports continues to surge;
Radio remains relevant;
China expands technological prowess;
Evaluating quantum computing.

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