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Dell’s Three Conditions for Moving into Quantum Computing Space

(ZDNet) Michael Dell addressed the Dell Technologies in Austin recently and was asked during a media session what Dell Technologies was doing in the quantum computing space, Dell said “it could go either way”.
There are three conditions that have to be true before any kind of adoption.
Dell’s Three Conditions:
The first, he said, is an industry-wide agreement on a quantum computing architecture, which is yet to happen with sufficient scale; the second is that quantum computing has to be made to work in the real world. The third is the development of a software framework and how quantum will be experienced.
CTO of products and operations John Roese said, “The good news is all three of those are happening, we’re working with most of those companies — I just did a bit of a tour a couple of weeks ago with most of the quantum startups in the world and they are basically on a journey that over the next, let’s say five years, we will start to see incremental breakthroughs. They will be very, very narrow — kind of like the equivalent of like vacuum tube era of technology is what’s happening now,” Roese said.

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