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Dell’s CTO Speaks to 2021 Asia Pacific & Japan Briefing; Says “Quantum Technology An Accelerator, An Augment to Conventional Computing”

(CRN.India) Dell Technologies held the “Perspectives – 2021 and beyond” Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) media briefing on 8 January. Co-hosted by Amit Midha, President, APJ and Global Digital Cities, and John Roese, Global Chief Technology Officer.
For the technology trends in 2021 and beyond, Roese pointed to the quantum computing arena and said that viability for the technology is still many years in the future. Quantum computing is “a disruption, but it will not disrupt the conventional computing market.” Roese further elaborated that quantum technology is “an accelerator, an augment to conventional computing.”
“Last year, quantum computing was still a work-in-progress and most people had no access to it. This year, we have enough quantum systems which are present in public clouds, industrial companies and government labs. This will be the year that will enable broader software development ecosystems to experiment with quantum computing. This is the first year that a computer scientist with no prior access to quantum computing can go into a simulator and start to learn the language of quantum, several years before turning that into value.”

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