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Declassifying Research Could Attract More Quantum Talent to Space Force Says Dr. Will Roper, USAF Head of R&D

( The Pentagon needs to bring more of its quantum research “out into the light” in order “to continue to get the right talent,” according to Dr. Will Roper, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.
Dr. Roper recently said that acquiring top talent starts with getting young people excited about the potentials of quantum science, so they will want to go work for the Space Force and other branches of the Pentagon.
“The fact that you can be in two places at once […] the fact that we can inspire people and make them feel like if they want that to be their career, and they want to work towards these culminating events like Q-Day, they should come work in the United States Air Force and Space Force,” said Dr. Roper.
“Historically, we have taken on big challenges, and we still do. We’re just a little bad about classifying,” he said.
Dr. Roper’s words echo that of Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett, who last year expressed her concern that when it came to military space programs, there was “much more classified than what needs to be” while Congressman Mike Rogers said these programs were “overwhelmingly classified.”
“Declassifying some of what is currently held in secure vaults would be a good idea,” but she didn’t mention specifically what type of information could be declassified, and neither did Dr. Roper for that matter.

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