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Daan Kuitenbrouwer, Co-Founder, Delft Circuits; Has Agreed to Speak “Trends in Quantum Computer Cooling Systems” May 18 at IQT-NYC Online

(IQT-NYC) Daan Kuitenbrouwer, Co-Founder, Delft Circuits; has agreed to speak on Panel 1: “Trends in Quantum Computer Cooling Systems” at 1:40 on May 18 at IQT-NYC Online.
Daan is an entrepreneur and engineer with a passion for science and new technology with a background in Physics and Innovation Sciences. These two come together in his role as co-founder of Delft Circuits, where he builds hardware for quantum computers. He enjoys building the company, where he focuses on providing the right products and specifically, cabling solutions for their customers. Next to this, he’s involved in the financial and operations side of the company.

“(IQT)…has quickly become the quantum industry’s leading conference.”
-ZDNET, Nov. 2, 2020

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IQT-NYC Online includes panels and keynotes on eight topics critical to those seeking new business revenues from quantum-related opportunities. Each half-day is devoted to a topic and topic coverage at the event comprises:

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May 17 Morning — Quantum Computers + Quantum Processors IBM

May 17 Afternoon — Quantum Safe (QKD + QRNGs + PQC) QUINTESSENCE LABS

May 18 Morning — Quantum Sensors COLD QUANTA

May 18 Afternoon— Quantum Materials and Components ZURICH INSTRUMENTS

May 19 Morning — Quantum Clouds and Service Providers

May 19 Afternoon — The Quantum Internet TOSHIBA

May 20 Morning — Quantum Policy and Funding QUEBEC and INTRIQ

May 20 Afternoon — Quantum End Users  ACCENTURE

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