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D-Wave Remains Committed to Annealing as Core Technology

(TechCrunch) D-Wave always bet on quantum annealing as its core technology. D-Wave remains the only major player that’s betting on annealing, but the company’s CEO Vern Brownell remains optimistic that this is the right approach. “We feel more strongly about our decision to do quantum annealing now that there are a few companies that actually have quantum computers that people can access,” he said in an interview earlier this month.

D-Wave Focuses on Anneaing While Others Build Gate-Model Quantum Computers
Microsoft, IBM, Rigetti and others are mostly focused on building gate-model quantum computers mostly focused on building gate-model quantum computers and they are starting to see results (with the exception of Microsoft, which doesn’t have a working computer just yet and is hence betting on partnerships for the time being). But this is also a far more complex problem. And while you can’t really compare these technologies qubit to qubit, it’s telling that D-Wave’s latest machines, the Advantage, will feature 5,000 qubits — while the state of the art among the gate-model proponents is just over 50.

D-Wave Announces Fifth-Generation 5,000 Qubit System

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