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D-Wave Delivers 5000-Qubit System; Targets Quantum Advantage

(HPCWire) D-Wave has launched its newest and largest quantum annealing computer, a 5000-qubit Advantage that features 15-way qubit interconnectivity. It also introduced the D-Wave Launch program intended to jump start “businesses who want to get started building hybrid quantum applications” and a new hybrid solver – the discrete quadratic model (DQM) solver – which will become part of D-Wave’s hybrid solver services, expanding those capabilities.
Perhaps most importantly, D-Wave said Advantage will live up to its name and enable users to reach so-called Quantum Advantage or the ability to run practical applications better than on classical systems.
“Today’s general availability of Advantage delivers the first quantum system built specifically for business, and marks the expansion into production scale commercial applications and new problem types with our hybrid solver services. In combination with our new jump-start program to get customers started, this launch continues what we’ve known at D-Wave for a long time: it’s not about hype, it’s about scaling, and delivering systems that provide real business value on real business applications,” said Alan Baratz, CEO, D-Wave, in the official announcement.
The is D-Wave’s fifth generation system and more than doubles the qubit count from its predecessor the 2000Q system. D-Wave’s qubit counts, of course, have long been much higher than gate-based quantum computers whose qubit counts are around 50 at the high-end currently.

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