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D-Wave/Davidson collaboration produces two new applications

About one year after the two companies began working together, D-Wave Quantum and aerospace and defense firm Davidson Technologies are providing an update on their collaboration.

The partners said at this week’s Space and Missile Defense Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama, that they have built two applications focused on interceptor assignment and optimized radar scheduling. The said in a statement that the first application is designed to mitigate potential attacks by taking into account a multitude of complex variables, including missile capability in negating threats, balanced allocation of missiles to threats, and availability of resources to help quickly identify the potential defense threats and identify key mitigation tactics. 

The second application efficiently manages the time-limited resources of a phased-array radar system, enabling scheduling of communication with moving objects, the companies said.

“During times of military response, speed matters, and our artificial intelligence, powered by D-Wave’s technology, provided an answer much faster than other computational options,” said Major General John W. Holly (USA, Ret.), president, CEO and chairman of Davidson. “Our mission is to deliver advanced, agile technology solutions in defense of our Nation, and together with D-Wave, we’re providing our government customers with critical applications in service to our country.”

“By utilizing emerging and advanced technologies, Davidson is able to provide its customers with unique military implementation and national defense tools,” said Dr. Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave. “We share that spirit of imagining the unimaginable and harnessing the power of technology to keep America safer. We are excited to see advancement in our collaboration and look forward to more robust application development over our multi-year relationship.”

While the partners have been working together since August 2022, D-Wave officially announced a reseller arrangement with Davidson in January of this year.

The update comes as D-Wave is due to report earnings this week on Aug. 10.

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