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Cyber Skills Gap Must to Addressed to Take Advantage of Quantum Computing Opportunities

( The “second age” of quantum computing is poised to bring a wealth of new opportunities to the cybersecurity industry – but in order to take full advantage of these benefits, the skills gap must be closed.
Two cybersecurity experts at the CES 2021 virtual conference last week.
Pete Totrorici, director of Joint Information Warfare at the Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center, joined Vikram Sharma, CEO of QuintessenceLabs, during a talk titled ‘AI and quantum cyber disruption’.
Quantum computing is in its second age, according to Sharma, meaning that the cybersecurity industry will soon start to witness the improvements in encryption, AI, and other areas that have long been promised by the technology.
Totrorici and Sharma both agreed that while the future is certainly in quantum computing, the ever-widening cyber skills gap needs to be addressed to take advantage of its potential. Indeed, these partnerships cannot be formed if there aren’t enough experts in the field.
Totrorici said: “Forefront in the mind of the DoD nowadays is, ‘How do we how do we cultivate and retain talent?’
“I still think the United States does a great job of growing and building talent. Now the question becomes, ‘Will we retain that talent, how do we leverage that time going forward, and where are we building it?’”

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