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CTIC Technology Centre Launches Pioneering Quantum Simulation Platform

( CTIC Technology Centre Launches QUTE Platform, Europe’s pioneering quantum simulation platform.
CTIC counts on a powerful supercomputer capable of running quantum simulations of up to 38 logical qubits, and hundreds more under certain conditions. Given the limited access and availability of quantum computers, the Quantum Computing team at CTIC has developed QUTE, a robust quantum simulation platform. QUTE is easy-to-use and completes in a few minutes complicated quantum simulations that would take hours or even days on an ordinary computer.
QUTE enables researchers to create their own experiments or import those they already have, and run them on the simulator. In addition, it is always possible to check the status of your experiment and when the work is finished, the platform will send you an email to let you know that the results are available.

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