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Crypto world to get the largest quantum-resistant Blockchain with Doge Protocol

By IQT News posted 02 Dec 2021

(Benzinga) A newly launched token, Doge Protocol, is soon to introduce the largest blockchain in the world through a combined multi-fork of Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin and Doge Protocol tokens. The breakthrough Doge Protocol blockchain will be Quantum-resistant and use PoS consensus with smart contract support. IQT-News summarizes this recent news from Benzinga.
After the official release of the Doge Protocol blockchain, holders of Ethereum. Bitcoin, Doge Coins won’t have to give up their tokens to get the Doge Protocol tokens. In other words, Ethereum. Bitcoin, DogeCoin and DogeP token holders will be able to claim their stake in the Doge Protocol blockchain through the process of cross-signing a transaction with their existing wallet key and the new Quantum Resistance key. However, the DogeP token holders will have the exclusive advantage of early entry into the largest quantum resistant blockchain of the world. They might also be able to stake in the satellite-chain tokens.
The Doge Protocol team shared that the cutting-edge project is aimed to bring in a well decentralized and secured public blockchain that can benefit the wider community in several ways. The platform has strategically adopted the high-tech Quantum Resistance technology to improve security while smart contracts provide significant functionality to the blockchain. On the other hand, use of PoS consensus assures a green project as the Proof-of-Stake model consumes less energy compared to the traditional Proof-of-Work model.

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