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Crypto Quantique Introduces Technology Using Quantum Processes on Silicon for Security Product for IoT Devices

By IQT News posted 01 Feb 2019

(I-HLS.com) U.K.-based startup Crypto Quantique says it has introduced “the world’s most advanced security product for IoT devices.” The technology utilized quantum processes on silicon to create an advanced and secure unique, unclonable, and tamper-evident root-of-trust which can be integrated into any device, according to the company website.
The development, which includes both the chip and API, doesn’t need to have keys stored on it, so conceivably doesn’t need to be so powerful. It frees up the limited space for computations. “Because of the uniqueness and way in which the keys are generated, there is no requirement to store the keys on the device because the keys can be retrieved on demand,” the company says.
“The world’s first quantum-driven secure chip (QDSC), on silicon, which, when combined with cryptographic APIs, provides highly scalable, integratable, easy-to-implement and seamless end-to-end security for any connected device,” the company claims. The chips generate large quantities of unique cryptographic keys using quantum processes, Crypto Quantique explains.

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