Inside Quantum Technology

‘Crypto-Agility’ Meets Quantum Computing

(SecurityBoulevard) Quantum readiness, or crypto-agility, is critical to protecting and securing data and fending off new threats. Quantum computing is a threat to public key infrastructure and security systems that rely on it. It’s going to take collaborative efforts among scientists, security purveyors and industry leaders to help ensure critical information systems can withstand quantum-level security threats.
Waiting until quantum computing is widely available ‒ even on a limited scale ‒ before updating a company’s security posture could be a costly mistake.
Thales recently announced that it is joining forces with ISARA Corp, the provider of solutions to protect vulnerable systems against quantum-enabled attacks, and ID Quantique, a leader in secure quantum random number generation and quantum key distribution, to help organizations combat future risks. Thales’ Luna Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and SafeNet High Speed Encryptors (HSE) will support crypto agility.

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