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Country-Wide Quantum Initiative Launched in Japan-IBM Quantum Partnership

( The Japan-IBM Quantum Partnership, an initiative led by IBM and the University of Tokyo, will further quantum developments in Japan.
IBM is broadening the Keio University quantum hub launched in 2017. It now aims at making the hub pan-Japan by bringing in more companies with a specialization in fields like finance, chemistry, pharma, automotive manufacturing, and logistics.
A technology center focusing on research in quantum science is to be set up at the University of Tokyo. This center would fuel research regarding quantum computing system hardware for future generation quantum computers.
A third aspect of the initiative is to create lucrative careers in the field of quantum technology and attract more youth to join them. For this purpose, universities in Japan would be given access to the IBM Q System One machine, which has been hailed as a ‘unique resource that should help foster a broader future workforce’.

Dr. Robert Sutor, VP-IBM Quantum Ecosystem Development, IBM Research, to Keynote at upcoming IQT-NYC Event April 2.

IBM is also the Diamond Sponsor of IQT-NYC, April 2-3 and will have an exhibit at the event.
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