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‘Cool’ Technology from Bluefors Enables Quantum Computing With its Cryogen-Free Dilution Refrigerators

(PhysicsWorld) Finnish company Bluefors has dedicated itself to making life easier for researchers working with complex experimental systems like quantum computers. Founded in 2008 by two low-temperature physicists, Rob Blaauwgeers and Pieter Vorselman, the company has perfected a series of cryogenic systems that combine high performance with reliability and ease-of-use.
“Many new technologies, including quantum computing, require a controlled measurement environment at temperatures close to absolute zero,” says David Gunnarsson, the company’s chief sales officer. “Cryogenic systems have traditionally been difficult to use and maintain, and our aim is to eliminate those obstacles and enable our users to focus on being creative in their research.”
Bluefors has built its business from developing cryogen-free dilution refrigerators, which avoid the need for liquid helium as a pre-cooling agent. These so-called “dry” systems – which over the last 10 years have become the technology of choice for low-temperature research – make it easier to install samples into the chamber, offer more space for the experimental load, and enable more automation because they require less hands-on attention than previous “wet” systems.

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