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Commercially Available Quantum Networks Advance Technology to Market

As the global focus on developing quantum technology intensifies, so does the urgency to move technologies out of the lab and into the real world. Quantum use cases are being adopted by corporations to optimize business and financial operations, but many more opportunities await from lifesaving healthcare screenings that identify disease earlier, to the ubiquitous concerns about what country will achieve quantum supremacy and, with it, cybersecurity dominance.

The quantum industry is currently building the foundational technologies necessary to realize the potential of this paradigm-shifting approach to computing, networking and sensing. The precursors to quantum memories — essential components to future developments — are in their infancy, and classical computers are still needed to interpret data calculated from quantum computers.

The Problem

Most quantum networks in the U.S. are established for research purposes and offer only limited access to the staff of a single organization or company. In many cases, these networks are custom-built and maintained only temporarily to accomplish a single research function. As a result, quantum development efforts remain isolated from synergistic technologies and face significant barriers to real-world application.

The Solution

Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, EPB Quantum NetworkSM powered by Qubitekk is the nation’s first commercially available network. Unlike many private research networks, it is a permanent, purpose-built facility, specifically designed to meet the needs of quantum technologists working to accelerate commercialization. Established with flexibility in mind, EPB Quantum Network is also the nation’s first and only software-configurable quantum network. EPB Quantum Network customers are able to utilize AliroNetTM, designed and manufactured by Aliro Quantum, to configure the network to customer needs so they can:

EPB Quantum Network

EPB Quantum Network is a quantum-as-a-service offering that provides technologists with fiber optic infrastructure and software to accelerate their process for bringing technologies and applications to market. Customers can generate, distribute and measure qubits across EPB Quantum Network’s dedicated fiber optic cable loop using the latest foundational quantum equipment:

Today, EPB Quantum Network can help quantum technologists achieve their goals for commercialization with capabilities from state tomography to qubit sources, control plane software, precision timing models and more.

And with the addition of AliroNet’s graphical interface, customers can select from a range of predefined network configurations or engage EPB Quantum Network engineers to implement customized configurations — and return to previous configurations.

Why Chattanooga

Chattanooga has a history of transforming innovation into nationally recognized achievements with deep support from the private sector and government agencies. Known as Gig City® since municipal electric utility EPB launched the nation’s first community-wide gig-speed internet in 2010, Chattanooga has become a hub of fiber optic and Smart City expertise. As part of a $70 million upgrade in 2022-2023, EPB added the network capacity necessary to launch America’s first community-wide 25 gig internet offering. EPB also invested $4.5 million to build EPB Quantum Network, which utilizes a dedicated fiber loop. Limited only by the capacity of optical signaling equipment, fiber’s future-proof nature keeps the city on the cutting edge. Better yet, EPB is a hub for many of the industries that stand to benefit the most from becoming early adopters and working with quantum entrepreneurs to develop use cases including logistics, insurance, advanced energy and more.

Apply Today

With capacity for 10 nodes and support for companies seeking private workspace for long-term use, a network of 216 dedicated and managed fibers, and engineers who monitor more than 300 data points every second, EPB Network ensures network performance and stability as a destination for quantum developers. EPB Quantum Network follows Chattanooga’s tradition of supporting innovation, so all customers keep ownership of their IP. Learn more about us at

Authored by: Jim Ingraham is vice president of strategic research at EPB of Chattanooga. Corey McClelland is chief revenue officer of Qubitekk.

Sponsored by EPB.

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