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CNET: Honeywell Fires Up The H1, Its Second-Generation Quantum Computer

By IQT News posted 13 Nov 2020

(CNET) Honeywell’s second-generation quantum computer, the H1, is in business. The powerful computer performs calculations by carefully manipulating 10 ytterbium atoms housed in a thumbnail-size package called an ion trap.
Honeywell is surprise new entrant into quantum computers and now one of a several companies hoping to revolutionize computing.
Other tech giants IBM, Google, Intel and Microsoft also have serious quantum computing programs.
A host of other startups like QC Ware, Zapata, Cambridge Quantum Computing, Rahko, and Xanadu are working to make quantum computers easier to use for those that don’t have a bunch of Ph.D.s on staff to wrestle with the weird laws that govern the ultra-small scale of the quantum physics realm.

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