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Christopher Janes, ID Quantique Director, Technology Services North America, Has Agreed to Present “Next-Generation Quantum Networks and QKD” June 1 at ONLINE IQT-NYC Event

( Christopher Janes, Director, Technology Services North America, ID Quantique, has agreed to present, “Next-Generation Quantum Networks and QKD” at 1 pm, June 1 at the upcoming ONLINE Inside Quantum Technology event.

NOTE: Presentations delivered during the Online IQT NYC will be archived and available to registrants after the event, too.

Online Format: IQT NYC, June 1-5, 2020

Approximately 25 sessions will be live streamed (and archived) over five-days June 1-5.

Each day the live stream starts at 11am eastern time USA and ends at 3pm eastern time.

Each session will be moderated by our online curator/moderator and there will be up to 15 minutes of questions and answers (those opting to view sessions that have been archived will be able to direct questions to any speaker).

Exhibitors/Sponsors will have several minute pitches prior to the start of each session and attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions to representatives either live or archived presentation.

REGISTER Here: 5  Days for $299

For questions / or call +917 403 6300


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