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Christina Koch Setting Records in Space; Taking Part in All-Female Spacewalk & Cold Atom Experiments

( Christina Koch has set a record setting 328 days in space, the longest continuous spaceflight by a woman and for her part in the first all-female spacewalk as well as conducting  ultracold technology experiments that could have lasting impacts on spaceflight and quantum technology science.
Christina put her experience as a researcher in Antarctica to bear again in the Cold Atom Laboratory onboard the ISS. The experiment chills clouds of atoms to one ten billionth of a degree above absolute zero where atoms have almost no motion enabling study of behaviors and characteristics. Discoveries there can have wide ranging applications from fundamental physics to improved clocks needed for the next generation of spacecraft navigation. Work there may open the door for development of quantum technologies in space.

ColdQuanta’s Latest Ultracold Technology Heads to the International Space Station


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