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Chinese Researchers Expect Quantum Leap in Computing, Challenging Google’s Supremacy

( Chinese quantum computing researchers recently disclosed that a 60-qubit superconductivity quantum computing system with 99.5 percent fidelity could be achieved this year, and in 10 years, the system could evolve into a million-qubit level with a 99.8 percent fidelity, equivalent to, if not better than, its Google counterpart.
Zhu Xiaobo, a professor with the Shanghai-based Institute of Advanced Studies affiliated with University of Science and Technology of China, recently made the remarks.
The challenges of quantum computing development do not lie in the number of qubit, but it is the operation and control of each qubit that determines how advanced the system is, said Zhu, who is also in charge of the quantum computing work with the research team led by Chinese leading quantum physicist Pan Jianwei,.

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