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Chinese Research Institute Updates Quantum Computing Cloud Platform, Grants Access to Public

( A Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) research institute announced that it has completed the latest updates of a Quantum Computing Cloud Platform co-built with Alibaba, allowing ordinary users to gain easier access to quantum computing knowledge.
The quantum computing cloud platform supports the largest number of quantum bits in China. At present, more than 5,000 registered users have conducted more than 10,000 quantum computing experiments on the quantum computing cloud platform.
Two new sections of the platform were launched to popularize the cutting-edge technology to general public, according to the research team.
The knowledge data base section is aimed at introducing latest and systematic information of global quantum computing while a “Q & A” section enables users to communicate more directly with experts in the field of quantum computing.
The platform is open to both scientific enthusiasts and professional scientific researchers. While public users can learn about basic quantum information knowledge on the cloud platform, interacting with scientists online; scientific research users can use the most advanced quantum computing prototypes on the platform for their research.

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