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Chinese Quantum Communication Satellites Lies at Front of Defense Industry

Illustration of a satellite orbiting the earth

(SpaceWatch) Numerous things are rapidly changing the technological landscape of the military space applications, but the recent success of Chinese Quantum Communication satellite lies at the forefront of the defense industry. With this success, China will be able to change the face of Signal Intelligence (SIGINT). In SIGINT, there is a high probability of third-party penetration by using various hacking techniques. And Considering the cyber-attacks, the satellite industry is progressing to counter the cyber threats via strengthening the end-to-end encryption techniques. But this scenario is about to change with the inception of Quantum Communication satellites. China is not the only country looking beyond skies to deploy Quantum Communication network; India, South Korea, Singapore, and Japan are also the upcoming players who are looking forward or have already made some amounts of investments in Quantum Communication network via satellite.
Every technology upgrade brings more comfort to society, but its very strength also invites challenge. This is one of the reasons why space is a point of attraction for many nations around the world. But, tracking the global footprints of the space applications for the defense industry, both developing and developed nations have started looking towards space as a valuable asset for national security as well as to ensure the economic growth of the country.

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