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Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Quantum Research Center Internationalizing Faculty & Posts Opening Positions

( The Quantum Computation Research Center aims to build a central hub for quantum computing research and is making strong efforts to internationalize the faculty members from different culture and ethnic backgrounds.
Now, the Quantum Computation Research Center (QCRC) of Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences invites talented applicants from the candidates who have the capacity or have exhibited the potential of running a world-recognized independent research program for multiple opening positions at all levels from junior Tenure-Track Assistant Professor to senior Full Professor in, but not limited to, the following directions:
Superconducting quantum computing
Trapped-ion quantum computing
Quantum algorithms
Quantum simulations
Quantum software
Quantum information theory
Quantum control
Quantum coding theory
Quantum complexity theory
Quantum cryptography
Quantum machine learning
Fault-tolerant quantum computing
Applicants with diverse backgrounds including physics, math, computer science, and software engineering are welcome.

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