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China’s satellite quantum system promises to defend world’s largest power grid against cyber Attacks

(EurAsiaTimes) China has developed what it calls a Satellite Quantum System in a bid to combat any adversary intrusion into its power infrastructure. The country boasts the world’s largest national power grid.
China seems to have gauged the threat and has now devised a network against it, being a power-dependent developing economy. It has reportedly developed the world’s first quantum satellite, integrating its ground-based critical infrastructure with space-based quantum technology.
“China has built a quantum communication network in space to secure its electric power grid from cyber-attacks,” said the scientists involved in the project, as reported by SCMP.

  • Operation commands able to be sent using particles of light relayed by Mozi, the world’s first quantum satellite
  • It offers reliable protection against blackouts caused by hacking, especially for commands sent over long distances or without optical fibres
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