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China Leading Way in Quantum Cryptography

(WonderfulEngineering) China’s quantum network that went up across Europe and Asia works with a satellite network and encrypts signals over large distances. Quantum keys are long strings of numbers that are not only protected by computers but by laws of physics themselves.
The success of the Chinese network lies in the satellite Micius. This is a powerful photon relay and detector. It used fine lasers and detectors to send out quantum information and to receive it at incredible speeds.
The network is up and running but it still has a few flaws. Those flaws are not in the quantum keys but in the satellite. That being said, this is no doubt the biggest leap in quantum cybersecurity.
Two videos included in this article worth reviewing:
1) A PBS, eight-minute video on encryption;
2) An AAAS video describing the Mincus satellite and how it works to provide quantum encryption.

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