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Chicago Quantum Exchange adds three new corporate partners

By IQT News posted 09 Nov 2021

(HPCWire) The Chicago Quantum Exchange has added three new corporate partners to its growing network: Classiq, Lake Shore Cryotronics, and Oxford Instruments.
The three companies develop processes, tools, instruments and software that enable next-generation quantum technologies. Together, the Chicago Quantum Exchange and its corporate partners advance the science and engineering that are necessary to build and scale quantum technologies and develop practical applications, while working to expand career opportunities for the next generation of quantum-ready scientists and engineers.
“Classiq, Lake Shore Cryotronics, and Oxford Instruments all play key roles in helping scientists and engineers be productive at the interface between quantum information science and technology,” said David Awschalom, the Liew Family Professor in Molecular Engineering and Physics at the University of Chicago, senior scientist at Argonne, director of the Chicago Quantum Exchange, and director of Q-NEXT, a Department of Energy Quantum Information Science Center. “We look forward to working together and advancing our capabilities in the field.”
Lake Shore Cryotronics provides high-performance cryogenic temperature instruments and sensors; low-vibration cryostats for ultra-high vacuum environments; cryogenic wafer probe stations; and complete materials characterization solutions for exploring and developing next-generation quantum materials.
Oxford Instruments is a leading provider of high-technology products and services to the world’s top industrial companies and scientific research communities. The company is at the forefront of enabling solutions for quantum technologies development, providing solutions to cool systems to milli-Kelvin temperatures, observe quantum entanglement in photons, and fabricate and characterize qubits and novel quantum materials.
Classiq’s Quantum Algorithm Design platform is revolutionizing quantum software development. Companies use the platform to solve real-world problems with quantum circuits that could not be built otherwise, and the company’s patented technology automatically transforms high-level functional models into optimized quantum circuits for a wide range of back-end systems. This can turn months into minutes of work and makes it possible to harness the true power of today’s and tomorrow’s computers.

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