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Chaos Might Play Role in Fighting Quantum-Powered Attacks

(DarkReading) Chaos might play a role in fighting quantum-powered attacks.
Researchers recently published a technique for encryption that promises to go beyond perfect secrecy to encryption that is unbreakable, even if quantum computing is brought into the picture. The technique, which takes advantage of chaos and the second law of thermodynamics mixed with the speed of optical chips, doesn’t require quantum power to achieve quantum-proof results. Less-powerful or traditional-architecture devices could therefore, theoretically. protect their secure communications from attacks launched by quantum computers.
A. Di Falco, V. Mazzone, A. Cruz, and A. Fratalocchi, the inventors of the technique and authors of a paper in Nature, describing their findings, use correlated chaotic wavelengths as the basis of both the encryption key and the technique for not transmitting it between the two participants in the communication.

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