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CFX Quantum Platform Announces ZEROONE Product Relying on Fujitsu’s Digital Annealer Chip for Arbitrage Trading

(FinanceYahoo) CFX Quantum platform offers users the ZEROONE product to help them trade easily and safely through arbitrage. To achieve this, CFX Quantum relies on quantum-inspired computing achieved through Fujitsu’s Digital Annealer chip.
ZEROONE was created out of a collaborative effort among CFX Quantum, University of Milan, Khalifa University Research Center and Smartxchange. They came up with a trading algorithm that helps to take full advantage of light-speed technology made possible through quantum-inspired computing.
ZEROONE is a system of assets arbitrage trading combined with predictive allocation with a focus on the crypto market. By combining arbitrage trading with quantum-inspired computing, it may possibly achieve risks of close to zero in a sequence of trades.
Fujitsu has developed a digital Annealer chip that can provide quantum-inspired computing performance. The Fujitsu approach solves intractable industry problems by building the software necessary to harness the quantum-inspired hardware technologies to solve them. Such performance would not be possible with classical computing. The Fujitsu Digital Annealer can evaluate vast numbers of potential outcomes at the same time and produce results in real-time.

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