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CDS Partners with Post-Quantum’s Hybrid VPN to Provide Post-Quantum Encryption Algorithms for Super Yachts

By IQT News posted 21 Sep 2021

(HelpNetSecurity) CDS Group are rolling out a quantum-safe VPN to protect its clients and their assets.
CDS currently provides cyber security services to an ever increasing number of some of the world’s largest super yachts. By deploying Post-Quantum’s Hybrid Virtual Private Network the company will ensure communications from the vessels it protects are encrypted with both traditional and new ‘quantum-safe’ encryption algorithms in a hybridised solution.
The new encryption will initially be rolled out on one of the world’s largest superyachts, to protect the vessel’s assets, as well as its 4G and satellite communication systems. With the new Hybrid VPN in place, access to sensitive areas of the ship’s network by 3rd party/shoreside support will be restricted only to the devices or networks required.
Will Thomson, CDO at CDS commented: “Our clients are some of the world’s most influential people and they face extremely persistent and sophisticated cyber attacks. To help protect their communications and systems part of our response is to offer nation-state level encryption that protects their privacy whilst at sea and at home or office locations.”
He continued: “It’s accepted that code-breaking quantum computers will arrive over coming years and our clients are likely to be targets. Anyone exchanging information that needs to remain secret should upgrade because emails and files could be harvested now and decrypted.

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