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Catarinan Bastos, Account Manager for Defence, Deimos Engenharia; will speak at IQT NYC

Catarinan Bastos, Account Manager for Defence, Deimos Engenharia; will speak at IQT NYC.

Catarina Bastos graduated in Physics/Applied Mathematics – Astronomy by the Faculty of Sciences in University of Oporto in 2005. She completed the PhD degree in Physics with the thesis: “Phase Space Noncommutativity: Formalism and Applications” by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Lisbon in 2010. During her PhD and Pos-Doc work in Instituto Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear (IPFN) she became expert in models using quantum mechanics to explain different physical aspects of the universe. She had published 28 papers: 20 in international peer review journals and 8 in conference proceedings.

In February 2017 she started her adventure in Deimos Engenharia, in the GNSS Business Unit. She worked in several ESA projects related with precise orbital determination. In 2019 she became Project Manager in GNSS for the development of a space GNSS receiver, G3STAR. She was also responsible for the commercial activities and business development in GNSS in Lisbon during that period.
In 2021 she has become a Bid and Project Manager in Secure Quantum Communications projects in Deimos, leading a pioneer project for the European Defence, DISCRETION, where an SDN enabled by QKD shall be developed jointly with Spain, Austria and Italy. She is also co-coordinating through Deimos the national road map in quantum networks that shall be implemented in Portugal with the National Security Office, the Portuguese Defence and several research institutes and companies. In 2022 she has been assigned the Account Manager for Defence projects in Deimos Engenharia.

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IQT New York 2023 is devoted to three days of coverage of quantum cybersecurity, quantum networking and quantum sensors. This must-attend event will be held October 24-26 at the Conference Center in New York City with a new sky-level exhibition space overlooking the Hudson River and the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier.
IQT New York is a 100% in-person only conference, offering 30+ sessions and 100+ speakers, and is New York’s quantum event. In addition to our usual topics, IQT New York 2023 will feature panels on the hottest areas in quantum such as Quantum AI, QKD-over-Satellite, Quantum Sensing in Healthcare, and the Emergence of the Quantum Internet. There will also be a new session on the Manufacturing of Quantum Systems.
Attendees at IQT New York 2023 will leave the event with the deepest understanding of the future of quantum technology. This conference brings together corporate management, entrepreneurs, end users, technology providers, infrastructure partners, researchers and investors who are looking for business opportunities in the quantum ecosystem. IQT New York 2023 takes place October 24-26 at The Conference Center, 636 11th Ave. (between 46th & 47th St.) in New York City.

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