Inside Quantum Technology

Carmakers a Player in Emerging Quantum Tech Arena

( Carmakers are an unexpected player in quantum technology–experimenting with quantum alongside other tech-soaked industries such as finance, aerospace, defense. Big auto companies are tinkering with quantum computers in hopes they can solve problems too hefty for today’s machines, from cooking up bigger batteries to designing lighter vehicles.
Companies searching history for clues of how to proceed see a cautionary tale in the sudden explosion of artificial intelligence, says Matt Johnson, QC Ware’s CEO. Uncertainty is exacerbated becuase quantum experts are scarce. “There’s a complete absence right now of actually talented people who can do quantum computing,” says Lawrence Gasman, president of Inside Quantum Technology, a consulting firm and this publication.
Early automotive experiments include:
–Volkswagen was first on the scene with a project three years ago to optimize traffic in Beijing.
–Daimler is using quantum computers to optimize routing for autonomous vehicles, and for battery research.
–Ford recently announced it is using quantum computing to manage energy consumption for commercial fleets.

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