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Can Merkle Tree ensure that quantum computers will not raise havoc with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

(By Alan M. Meckler) The recently concluded IQT New York November 1-5 had 150 speakers and over 90 sessions.  I am an avid Bitcoin and Ethereum investor so I took notice of sessions that discussed my fear that one day cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, will face attack by Quantum Computers arriving on the scene in the next four to 10 years (estimates thrown to the audience by various speakers during IQT).  On Friday I attended the session entitled “Quantum and Cryptocurrencies” moderated by Anastasia Marchenkova of Bleximo Corporation and panelists Andersen Cheng (Post-Quantum) and Robert Campbell (Med CyberSecurity).  All agreed there should be concern, but Campbell’s take was most interesting.  He went on to speak about “Merkle Tree” and how Merkle Tree combined with blockchain was the best defense for the Bitcoin.  Campbell hypothesized that crypto investors should be protected.  Thank goodness for Merkle Tree!

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