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Camouflage Made of Quantum Material Could Be Future Asset to Stealth Technologies

By IQT News posted 25 Dec 2019

(Purdue.edu) Researchers using a camouflage made of quantum material that could hide you from infrared cameras has been announced by scientists and engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Harvard University, Purdue University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brookhaven National Laboratory.
The quantum material in this study tricks an infrared camera–it decouples an object’s temperature from its thermal light radiation, which is counterintuitive based on what is known about how materials behave according to fundamental physics laws. The decoupling allows information about an object’s temperature to be hidden from an infrared camera.
The discovery does not violate any laws of physics, but suggests that these laws might be more flexible than conventionally thought.
These findings could be a valuable a future asset to stealth technologies

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