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Cambridge Quantum Computing Unveils Commercially Available Certificate Quantum Cryptographic Device

((MarketWatch) Cambridge Quantum Computing has unveiled IronBridge–the world’s first commercially available certificate quantum cryptographic device. IronBridge addresses major security challenges and vulnerabilities in today’s infrastructure and has important structural implications for cyber security and quantum cryptography on a global scale. IronBridge has been designed, developed and built in the United Kingdom at CQC’s facility in Chessington.
IronBridge will be commercially available in limited quantities from mid-2019 with a full-scale launch by the end of 2019. The launch will include cloud delivery of a variety of quantum-safe cryptographic applications including RSA compliant certificates, AES tokens, as well as un-hackable protocols for everyday digital interactions that involve encryption procedures that depend upon Single Key Session (“SKS” interactions and critical dependency on computationally “lite” sensors such as those in autonomous vehicles. Other applications, including maximally random entropy for sophisticated Monte Carlo simulations and securing blockchain development, will also be available.

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