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Cambridge Quantum Computing Announces First Commercial, Verifiable Quantum Random Generation Number Service Designed to Run on IBM Quantum Computer

By IQT News posted 21 Sep 2020

(FinancialTimes) UK start-up Cambridge Quantum Computing has announced the first commercial, verifiable quantum random generation number service designed to run on an existing IBM quantum computer. Initially, the service will only be available to the 100 or so corporate and academic members of IBM’s Q network but it will be open to other users later this year. Its first applications are likely to be for cryptography, material science, computer games, insurance and options pricing.
Ilyas Khan, CEO says that what makes CQC’s service different from other existing random generation systems is that it is certifiably quantum, maximally random, accessible on the cloud, and deliverable on any quantum computer. It can also be used to power quantum key distribution. “There is no algorithm involved. There is no determinism involved. There are no patterns that can be cracked,” he says. “People consume randomness. They pay for this. It is an essential fuel oil for computational tasks all over the world.”

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