Inside Quantum Technology

Call for Presentations Closes on July 14 for the world’s quantum cybersecurity event

We are currently seeking speakers for each of our 9 tracks for INSIDE QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY taking place October 25-27, 2022.

The entry deadline is July 14, 2022

Our upcoming fall event is focused on opportunities in quantum cybersecurity and will feature keynotes, panels and discussions where attendees will learn about the latest technologies and business developments in the quantum sector. We are particularly interested in talks from established technologists and industry executives on (1) the timeframe for quantum computers to break standard encryption schemes and (2) what a quantumsafe organization might look like. We would also welcome talks by end-user firms that are already implementing QKD, post-quantum encryption, etc.

Please submit your suggested presentation by email to Lawrence Gasman at

In addition to your abstract/proposal, please provide the following information:
a. Name
b. Email address
c. Telephone number
d. Affiliation
(speakers receive a full registration (in-person/online; no expenses are provided))

Not interested in speaking, but want to attend the event? Registration information is found at


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