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Britain Could Be a Real Crucible for the Quantum Technology Leap

( There are many that believe Britain could be a real crucible for the quantum leap. The UK has already been behind some of the first commercial applications of quantum technology.
Last year, the UK government announced a $194m investment, part of a $1bn program, to commercialise quantum technology to take it out of the laboratory and deploy it in real-world applications. This sees the UK alongside the likes of the US and China leading the way.
Beyond fresh investment, the UK uniquely benefits from the presence of several of the world’s best universities focusing on Quantum Technology and close proximity to a burgeoning community of commercial partners.
The UK has a major role to play in the coming quantum age and to stand at the frontier. With the Covid-19 crisis turning our eyes to the radical solutions for the world’s problems and ‘what’s next’ for technology, we should focus on the immense potential of a quantum future and take full advantage of the excellence that resides within these shores.

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