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Breakthrough in Lattice-Based Cryptography May Save Cryptocurrency from Quantum Computers

(DailyHodi) A computing breakthrough in lattice-based cryptography may just save Bitcoin and cryptocurrency from powerful quantum machines that have the potential to breach public-key cryptography.
Lattice-based cryptography may neutralize the massive computational capabilities of quantum computers by hiding data inside complex geometric structures that contain a grid of infinite dots that are spread across thousands of dimensions. The security measure appears to be virtually impenetrable even with the use of powerful quantum computers unless one holds the key.
MIT Technology Review says that while the current iterations are not yet ready for implementation, the solution is promising, especially as a post-quantum future is fast approaching. Ripple CTO David Schwartz says he believes developers have at least eight years until the technology, which leverages the properties of quantum physics to perform fast calculations, becomes sophisticated enough to crack cryptocurrency.

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