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Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS) Video Tour

(BAQIS.YouTube) The Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences has produced a YouTube video describing the institution and its goals. BAQIS is part of the National Science Technology Innovation Center in Beijing and also part of China’s Quantum National Action.
The video’s narration forecasts the facility will employ 1,200 scientists and engineers with 50 principal investigators heading up teams in 5-10 labs. The goal is to “attract global talents for a research team to work together to transform human experience of our daily lives.” The government supported International Talents Community program will “.. . .provide attractive housing, excellent healthcare and prestigious education for children of employees. . ” according to the narrator.
BAQIS is partnering with Tsinghau University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, and integrating resources.
BAQIS will concentrate on these four areas:
Quantum state of matter;
Quantum materials and devices;
Quantum computation and teleportation;
Quantum metrology.
This promotional video is brief, but worth a view to catch a glimpse into China’s government sponsored and supported quantum technology goals and development model.

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