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BDC Capital Launches $200 Million Deep Tech Venture Fund

( BDC Capital today announces the creation of a new venture capital fund to invest in early-stage deep tech companies within Canada. The $200 million will be used to accelerate the development of transformational technologies in a number of sectors including quantum, electronics, photonics, foundational AI and related fields.
“BDC Capital is proud to be a trailblazer for investing in Canada’s transformative technologies. These have high potential for growth and are of strategic importance for Canada,” said Jérôme Nycz, Executive Vice President at BDC Capital. “Our hope is to further cultivate Canada’s leadership position in these nascent industries by empowering talented entrepreneurs and engaging other like-minded stakeholders.”
Thomas Park, formerly BDC Capital’s Vice President, Operations and Strategy, will lead the Fund as Partner. He has extensive experience in venture capital, including multiple roles within BDC, and an in-depth understanding of the opportunity deep tech presents to investors, businesses, governments, and entrepreneurs alike.
“Our vision for the Fund is to help address a critical gap in the Canadian technology landscape. To commercialize and scale Canada’s world-class research in sectors like quantum technology and photonics, and develop new domestic tech champions,” added Park.
Canada has historically been a leader in deep tech, thanks in large part to the cutting-edge research taking place within its borders. Today, as other nations ramp up investment and IP protections in deep tech, Canadian start-ups require greater access to early-stage funding in order to protect their research and innovations, ensuring that these strategically valuable industries thrive here at home. BDC’s unique offering will support these companies by providing access to equity financing and a range of other funding options, technical expertise, insights on their specific segments as well as facilitating market entry.

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