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BBVA Investing in Quantum Computing to Optimize Financial Services

(Explica) BBVA is investing in quantum supercomputing to optimize their financial services. The main objective is to improve portfolios, advance future prices and, ultimately, what has been defined as obtaining a “quantum advantage“with respect to the market.
To work on this model of computing and to successfully carry out the investigations, they have established a cooperative relationship with the CSIC and other companies such as Accenture and Fujitsu. They expect in five years maximum begin to enjoy this advantage over the competition and the market.
Carlos Kuchkovsky, Global Head of Research and Patents at BBVA, affirms that “Quantum computing gives us computational capabilities hitherto impossible to solve problems in a faster, more efficient way or which until now were intractable with an energy cost potential minor “.
So far, they have been able to verify that calculations where they already get an improvement over conventional systems are those that have a vast amount of variables or large number of data.

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