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Bank of America Analyst Puts Quantum Computing at Top of Moonshot Tech Investment Themes

( Bank of America analyst Haim Israel recently performed a deep dive into a number of moonshot technologies that could represent a combined $48 billion market opportunity for investors by 2025. Quantum computing is at the top of the list of nine moonshot tech investment themes he recommends for long-term investors to consider.
Quantum computing uses the physical-mathematical traits of sub-atomic particles to complete extremely complex calculations. Incredibly, Israel says a quantum computer can easily solve problems that it would take a traditional computer billions of years to complete. Within the next five years, companies such as IBM (ticker: IBM) and Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL) are expected to bring the first commercial quantum computers to the market, a move that Israel says could revolutionize cybersecurity, financial markets and health care. In fact, Bank of America estimates quantum computing could impact all industries that currently use computers and could be a $5.85 billion market by 2025.

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