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AWS, QCI Look to Bridge Classical and Quantum Computing

(TechTarget) QCI has developed a SaaS-based offering for AWS’ cloud platform in hopes of bringing classical and quantum computing platforms closer together.
The offering permits inexperienced quantum users to submit complex problems to one of several quantum-based systems through AWS’ Braket quantum-based service. Users have the option of submitting the same problem to Qatalyst for either hybrid classical/quantum or can submit it to Qatalyst for pure quantum processing.
“Our goal from the start was focusing on bringing business value to users and to provide them with a software product that is agnostic across quantum computing platforms,” said Robert Liscouski, CEO of QCI. “We also want to reduce the amount of dependency there is on high-level programming resources that, historically, are required to run a quantum computer.”
QCI is focusing on organizations that are looking to solve a range of complex problems across multiple industries. The goal, at least over the short term, is to get users to test out the technology to prove it can make a meaningful difference in their production environments.

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