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AWS Blog Provides Tutorial Describing “Hands On” with Amazon Braket

By IQT News posted 17 Aug 2020

(AWS.News.Blog)  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing a tutorial on how to go “Hands On” with quantum computing via Amazon Braket.
Click here for instructions on using Amazon Braket.
Amazon Braket is now generally available and that you can now make use of both the classically-powered circuit simulator and quantum computers from D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti. The tutorial shows you both elements, creating and simulating a simple circuit and then running it on real hardware (also known as a QPU, or Quantum Processing Unit).

Creating and Simulating a Simple Circuit:
You can access Amazon Braket through a notebook-style interface.  You can start by opening the Amazon Braket Console, choosing the desired region (more on that later), and clicking Create notebook instance.

Things to Know
Here are a couple of important things to keep in mind when you evaluate Amazon Braket:
Emerging Technology – Quantum computing is an emerging field. Although some of you are already experts, it will take some time for the rest of us to understand the concepts and the technology, and to figure out how to put them to use.
Computing Paradigms – The QPUs that you can access through Amazon Braket support two different paradigms. The IonQ and Rigetti QPUs and the simulator support circuit-based quantum computing, and the D-Wave QPU supports quantum annealing. You cannot run a problem designed for one paradigm on a QPU that supports the other one, so you will need to choose the appropriate QPU early in your exploratory journey.
Pricing – Each task that you run will incur a per-task charge and an additional per-shot charge that is specific to the type of QPU that you use. Use of the simulator incurs an hourly charge, billed by the second, with a 15 second minimum. Notebooks pricing is the same as for SageMaker. For more information, check out the Amazon Braket Pricing page.

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