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‘Avengers: EndGame’ Helps Explain the Need for Quantum Encryption

(ITWorld.Canada) Author Bryan Jackson promises “fun” in his discussion of how the plot of the mega-blockbuster movie “Avengers: EndGame” can help to explain the need for quantum encryption.
When quantum computing is solved, it will be capable of cracking algorithms used for encryption today. As a result, CIOs have to start thinking about how to encrypt their current data against this future threat starting now. Otherwise, a well-planned attack might steal that encrypted data today, stowing it away to decrypt in the future to attain the desired information.
In the Endgame, the all-star team of superheroes figure out where the villain Thanos is hiding out and promptly blast off through space to confront him. Thanos understands basic cyber security and data retention policy. He has wisely destroyed the powerful Infinity Stones–which is good data retention policy. If you can delete sensitive data, do it. Don’t wait around for someone to show up and steal it to use against you, whether it’s thwarting your plans to shape the universe or just run a business.
But it turns out the Avengers have already retrieved a copy from the past. Now that they’ve invented the technology to make use of it in the future, they can successfully exploit this vulnerability to get the payload.
Don’t make the same mistake as Thanos and have all your hard work ruined by a band of rogues with technology from the future who datamine your files from the past. Take the steps required today to protect the data that represent your own Infinity Stones.

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