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Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Romania Join Initiative to Explore Quantum Communication for Europe

(Telecompaper) Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark and Romania agreed to work together with 20 other EU member states towards the creation of a quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) across Europe. The QCI initiative’s aim is to build a quantum secure communication shield across the EU that would protect the EU economy and society from cyber threats.
The four countries signed on 27 February the EuroQCI declaration, originally launched in June 2019. Its signatory countries will explore, together with the European Commission and with the support of the European Space Agency, the development and deployment within the next ten years of a European QCI. It would ultimately link sensitive public and private communication assets all over the EU, including its outermost regions, to make a secure communication shield based on quantum technologies. This would protect national and cross-border critical infrastructures, sensitive communications, financial transactions and will ensure the long-term storage of sensitive data in areas such as healthcare and national security. Other major regions of the world are investing in similar infrastructure.

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