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Australian Team Demos Integrated Silicon Qubit Platform that Also Corrects Errors

By IQT News posted 13 Nov 2018

(TechnologyNetworks) An Australian research team led by Scientia Professor Andrew Dzurak of UNSW Sydney, has experimentally realized a crucial combination of these capabilities on a silicon chip, bringing the dream of a universal quantum computer closer to reality.Quantum computers that are capable of solving complex problems, like drug design or machine learning, will require millions of quantum bits – or qubits – connected in an integrated way and designed to correct errors that inevitably occur in fragile quantum systems.
Dzurak and team have demonstrated an integrated silicon qubit platform that combines both single-spin addressability – the ability to ‘write’ information on a single spin qubit without disturbing its neighbours – and a qubit ‘read-out’ process that will be vital for quantum error correction. Moreover, their new integrated design can be manufactured using well-established technology used in the existing computer industry.

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