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Australia Reaping Benefits of 15 Years of Investment in Quantum Technology

(Cosmos) More than 15 years after the establishment of the Australian Research Council Special Research Centre for Quantum Computer Technology, Australia is beginning to reap the rewards of its vision and investment in the development of quantum science.
Australia established the Centre for Quantum Computer Technology in 2003 and the Centres for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology and for Engineered Quantum Systems in 2011.
Australian researchers have become leaders in their fields, spearheading advancements in quantum sensors, quantum computing and other quantum engineered systems.
Multinationals are now coming to Australia to pursue research and development in quantum science in partnership with Australian universities. The University of Sydney has established the Sydney Microsoft Quantum Laboratory, which represents the largest investment in quantum technology in Australian history. The launch of UNSW’s quantum computing company – Silicon Quantum Computing Pty Ltd – following work with a variety of Australian businesses, signals another step towards leading the world in this field.
With continued and steady support for this significant field of research, Australia will reap the benefits from these initiatives for years to come.

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